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People around here know that when they need top-notch pressure washing in Rome, Exterior Cleaning Solutions is who they go with, and that’s a true honor for all our hardworking technicians who serve this community every day. Putting in the hard work is only one part of our pressure washing, though, and we focus just as much on our customer service as we do our surface cleaning! We love talking with our customers and our community, and we’re always ready to answer any questions you may have about any of our services. Some of the more frequently asked questions we’ve compiled answers to below, but if you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask.

There probably is some dirt on your roof, but that black stuff you’re more than likely concerned about is actually a form of algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma. Gloeocapsa magma thrives wherever there are moisture, shade, and surface materials that contain limestone, such as your shingles. The good news is that with our professional roof cleaning, we can eliminate this irritating substance before it can damage more than just your curb appeal.

With our soft washing system of roof cleaning, Exterior Cleaning Solutions can safely detach and wash away Gloeocapsa magma and other unwanted contaminants from your shingles. Roof cleaning keeps your shingles beautiful but also protects their integrity so they can last you a lot longer without the need for repairs.

Unlike other pressure washing companies, Exterior Cleaning Solutions doesn’t skimp out when it comes to cleaning agents. We don’t use any harsh chemicals for our pressure washing services, and as a matter of fact, all of our cleaning solutions are certified eco-friendly. Our pressure washing treatments are entirely safe for your lawn, landscaping, pets, and family.
For your sidings structurally sound and beautiful, it’s advised to have your house washed every six months or so. House washing prevents mildew, mold, and algae from building up and spreading to other areas of your home, and it also ensures your property maintains its curb appeal. House washing is also an excellent way to prevent color fading and degradation, so it’s a wise service to invest in to protect the value and integrity of your home.
Anyone can rent a pressure washer these days. Still, unless one is properly trained and prepared with the appropriate attachments and cleaning solutions, they’d be better off leaving pressure washing to the professionals. Different surface materials require various equipment, cleaning agents, and water temperature if they’re to be cleaned correctly. The cost of pressure washing a surface the wrong way can be much more expensive than hiring a professional team. Pressure washing can also be dangerous for the inexperienced, and horrible injuries are quite common.

Hiring a professional pressure washing company saves you time as well as money. You’ll avoid the stress and danger of injuring your property or yourself, and you’ll ensure your surfaces get the expert maintenance they need to look their best and last you for longer.

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